How to Understand German Baby Formula Packaging

How to Understand German Baby Formula Packaging

How to Understand German Baby Formula Packaging

European baby formula may be intimidating and hard to navigate when receiving your first couple of shipments. But not to worry – we are here to help! Below we have listed some tips to create a more confident environment around understanding European baby formula.

First tip for navigating the European baby formula box is understanding the expiration date on the box. In the US, the traditional way to write the date is mm/dd/yyyy, but in Europe they write the dates from the smallest to largest value – dd/mm/yyyy.

The second tip is to expect the European baby formula to be listed in stages rather than by age. The list below are the recommended stages from HiPP.

Pre/Stage 1: 0-6 months +

Stage 2: 6-12 months

Stage 3: 10 months onwards

Always check with your pediatrician to see if/when moving to another formula stage is suitable for your little one.

The third tip is to know that European baby formula is listed in grams and not in ounces. Always use the scoop that comes with the box for the correct measurements. As well thoroughly read and follow the instructions precisely.

And the last tip is not to panic when your European baby formula box is in a foreign language. Our German baby formula will have German on the outside of the box – but don’t worry! Our website offers formula feeding instructions in English under each of the European baby formulas listed.

To find the best European baby formula for your precious little one, check out our shop for the best options for European baby formulas with a cost-conscious price!


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